What to bring...Essentials:

  • TOGA DINNER ATTIRE: On saturday night we will be having a toga themed dinner, so come prepared with your bed sheets and whatever else you can muster up for your costume :) (Undergarments are COMPULSORY thanks!!! :) )
  • Bedding: Warm sleeping bag, pillow and a mattress or bed-roll or lilo. Extras blankets maybe.
  • Warm clothes: Puffer Jacket, Polypro, Beanie, Gloves.
  • Water Proofs: Rain Jacket/leggings, Gumboots or Umbrella.
  • Plates / cup / knife / fork / spoon / tea-towel / bag for dishes (food is provided!).
  • Soap, deodorant, sunblock, hand sanitizer, Insect repellant.
  • A tent: or a place in one. Talk to your youth leader if this is a problem.
  • Essential medications: e.g. inhalers, allergy remedies, regular medications.
  • A torch: extremely handy in the dark.
  • Your friends: as many as you want, bring'em on.
  • Spare Footwear: Old Shoes (sturdy footwear will be needed for some activities), Jandals, Gumboots or Tiger striped Slippers even.
  • Swimwear: Togs, towel, googles etc
  • Earplugs: for noisy sleepers
  • Musical instruments: for workshops and or jamming
  • Extra cirricular games: Board games, cards, puzzle, rugby ball, frisbees what ever takes your fancy when it comes to retreating and relaxing


  • High Value items: like iPods/iPhones/iPads, cellphones, smartphones, expensive cameras, laptops, computers etc

  • Cigarettes/Tobacco/Lighters/Matches: There will be a No smoking rule around the tenting area and main buildings, but if you're really addicted there will be a designated smokers area




  • Alcohol: like beer, wine, shots and tui-mato Sauce.

  • All illegal/iffy Drugs: Party pills, Marijuana, Suspicious Powders, "Tomato Plants" etc

  • Drug taking paraphernalia

  • Weapons: includes firearms, explosives, slingshots, knives, dangerous chemicals



Note: CSISYouth Ministries will not be responsible for ANY loss or damage of personal property. So please look after your stuff.



What to bring...Optional:







Do Not Bring...