Sending out a G-P-S: Part 2

If you haven't already feel free to read my previous blog, Sending out a G-P-S.

In short, a GPS is a resource that I came up with specifically aimed towards our smaller parishes who may need a little more support on the resource front. This isn't to say that others can't use it! It is a resource available to all!!!

A G-P-S is a Game-Prayer-Song that I will be sending out to you each week for you to use along side your current program.

(In my first blog I set out some examples of programs that may work for your ministry.)

Last year, over the advent period I gave it a 4 week test run and have been able to make some changes to how I do it.

I won't be doing a video each week but will be posting some videos with some tips. I will post on the Facebook group - G-P-S Ministry Resources, a link to the website which will have the resources ready for you.

One of the biggest things I learnt from doing the Advent G-P-S resources were that children and even young people love and need routine. Routine becomes familiar which then becomes home. In today's day of, 'information overload', our young people are subjected to TOO much information and so much constant change. This can cause anxiety and instability. For this reason I realized that offering a different prayer and song EVERY week may not be the best way to go.

In my work with preschool music we know how much a child can learn, grow and flourish through repetition! I mean, anyone who has a toddler will know most wiggles songs and the song, 'Baby shark', because it is probably on repeat in your home!!!

Because of this, we run the exact same music program, for ten weeks! By week ten even babies as young as 8 months old are recognizing the music along side the actions.

As I went through putting the Advent G-P-S resources together this thought came to my mind.

So I decided with G-P-S, that instead of giving you a different prayer and song each week ,I will have the same prayer for a number of weeks, so that the young people become familiar with it and with the songs will rotate them so that they get a chance to actually learn the songs well.

The games are a little different and for the older ones there is no reason why you can't have a different game each week but for the younger ones you may choose to rotate them or repeat them for a couple of weeks.

This is the beauty of this resource! You can do with it as you please. Some will be my own resources and some will be resources that I have found.

Finding resources is never the hard part for me in ministry, but it is choosing which one to use! Because there is SO much out there!

This is another reason why I wanted to start this resource. To take some of the thinking out for you so that you can concentrate on your lesson for the week.

I pray that this resource reaches those who may need it. Please do let me know if you are using it, if you are finding it helpful or any other suggestions you may have!

Thank you for all that you do for our young people, they are blessed to have you in their lives


Ngā mihi,


**Link to the GPS resources:

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