Sending out a G-P-S

Over the past (nearly) 10 years of working with parishes, in particular small parishes, one thing that has stood out the most for me is the need for resources that are ready to go.

I've met with a lot of children and youth leaders over the years and what I'm hearing in a lot of our smaller parishes is, "I love the young people, but I'm so tired", "I feel like I can't keep up with all the new stuff happening now", "Where do I even begin! There's so much out there".

This current era that we are living in right now is the information era, or as I like to say, "information overload" era! It's not that there isn't enough resources out there, because there are ALOT! But unfortunately that is where the problem lies! Where do you start? Which resource do I go for? How can you fit it all into 20mins!!!

Our leaders are feeling overwhelmed (not all but some), low in energy and resources and not feeling like they are equipped to do their ministry.

This is where my idea of sending out a weekly G-P-S came from. G-P-S stands for Game - Prayer - Song.

Some of the worries I heard were around coming up with creative ideas week -to-week! So I thought, what if I could take that struggle away from some of our leaders so that they can focus their energy on the message they want to teach the kids for that week.

So officially as of 2020 I will be sending out a G-P-S at the beginning of each week via facebook, instagram and on the CSI Youth Ministries website. The idea is that it will hopefully be able to slot into your ministries program. My plan is to run this during term time, so in approx. 10 week blocks.

Below is an example of how it may fit in with your program:

  • Gather your young people together in your space

  • Highs and lows from the week

  • Song

  • Story/Message

  • Question time

  • Prayer

  • Game

Another example could be:

  • In church for kids time share the story or message

  • Use the song from GPS

  • Take your young people out to your space

  • Highs and lows from the week

  • Questions about the story they heard

  • Craft around story

  • Prayer

  • Game

These are just examples, as your own groups will run differently. The idea is that I want to help ease the pressure a little bit for you so that you can put all your focus on what your message is for that week.

Although I will be starting officially next year I decided to have a taster of G-P-S and run an 'Advent' , version, of G-P-S, starting on Monday the 25th of Nov.

I acknowledge that there will be a lot out there who will not need the extra help! I have met some amazing children and youth leaders who can come up with a game, a prayer and a song just like that! I am in awe of the creativity that we have out there already!

This resource is available to anyone who feels they need it. Use it as you need :)

Mā te Atua e manaaki,

God Bless,


PS: Look out for my other blogs on, 'The power of highs and lows' and ' The KISS theory - Keep It Super Simple'

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