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Although Loopy tunes isn't really under my job title it is still a great passion of mine. A quick background on Loopy Tunes, we started it 7 years ago, Beckenham Methodist Church (My parish) were wanting to start a preschool music group so we met, (Rev. Alan Webster, Kirsty Frew and I) brainstormed and decided to start our own group instead of going through mainly music (only so that we could use our own songs) and we called it Loopy Tunes (Because we are in the Beckenham loop! Not because we're loopy...sort of) Anyway the group began and 7 years later Beckenham now runs 2 sessions on a Friday and my sister (Leah) and I run two sessions on a Monday at Wainoni and New brighton. Its an awesome ministry and has been a great way for our parishes to connect with families in their communities.

Preschool music groups on the outside seem to be just a bit of musical fun for the kiddies however there is so much more to it. Yes the music is VERY important and is crucial to a preschool 'music' group, however it is the connections that are formed that really are the core purpose for why I choose to be involved in the group.

As a mother I know how hard it can be raising lil minions and although they say it takes a village to raise a baby, not everyone has the privilege of a village helping them. There are so many parents out there who are struggling because we live in the 'too much' information age and it can be confusing if you don't have the right source to go to.

Now I realize a preschool music group is not going to solve everybodys answers but for me I see it as a place where a parent/grandparent can go to meet, connect, chat to others in a similar situation. Sometimes even get some time away from their child to have a cup of tea (I personally love borrowing babies....Temporarily) It is also a great ministry for your parish, it's more than just serving a cup of tea or welcoming someone at the door, it's about welcoming people into our homes our churches and letting them see first hand that we are fairly normal people too!

I encourage you if you have been considering starting a group to just do it. Make sure you have a good team to support you, there are great resources out there,

If you are not a musician I definitely recommend Mainly music: https://www.mainlymusic.org/ , we have some awesome mainly music groups in our synod, I got to go along to the Rangiora 20th year celebration a couple of years ago which was awesome!

If you or someone in your church plays an instrument I definitely recommend getting them involved, children LOVE seeing music live.

I'm more than happy to chat with you if you have any questions about starting a group :)

Here is one of our latest Loopy Tunes songs that I wrote for Christmas. There aren't enough Kiwi Christmas songs for our children so I wrote this one to use with our Rainbow sticks next term :) Subscribe to our channel for more of our songs:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiO_ZWgyxZyoy891db_vQYw/videos?view_as=subscriber and like us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoopyTunesPreschoolMusic/

If you want the words or chords to any of our songs just contact me on here and I'll get them to you.

Have a super blessed week,

God Bless


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