Chapel St Centre, FISH Family Fun Night :)

So I thought I'd head along to the Chapel st centre (aka Chch North parish) FISH night on Saturday and took along with me my husband, our three children, my sister and her two daughters and my niece and nephew from Oxford. Lets just say when we arrived our presence was known!!! My kids had a blast last time so they were even more excited to be back!

The night didn't disappoint, we ate fish n chips as did many others (It was bring your own takeout) then we gathered in the hall for some crazy fun slightly harmless games!

*Photo credit: Paul Koster *Photo credit: Paul Koster

We played train wreck (which really was a train wreck!), giant noughts and crosses, pass the hula hoop through your whole team, Chariot races with beach towels, Giant Pictionary and my favourite was the dinosaur hunt!!! The night was topped off with ice creams and ice blocks!!!

It was so much fun - I love how it is a chance to involve and engage the entire family which is so important in todays technology age (I say as I write in a blog!!! )

Anyway, It was a fun night enjoyed by all and to be honest it always is when I go to the Chapel st centre. I highly recommend popping in to one of their FISH nights, it could be something you could do for your parish families young and old!

The next FISH night is Saturday the 4th of November so mark it in your calendars and go check it out,

Also check out their blog:

Till the next blog, Mā te wa,


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