REVIVAL - Synod Young Adults Group

So who or what is REVIVAL? REVIVAL is a group of young adults who get together once a week to chat about life and how we live it as young Chrisitans. We also love playing games from board games, family feud to attempting the odd ball game too! And of course we love food, so we also love to snack!!!

If you're keen to join us you are more than welcome to! We meet on alternating Thursdays and Fridays, thursdays at Beckenham Methodist Church and Fridays at Christchurch North Methodist. Contact me for more details or just show up :) We'd love to meet you x

WAFFLES!!! So the group decided we were due for a chill night so we decided to have a night of waffles!!! They were DELICIOUS!!! We have some budding master chefs right here!!! We even had some waffle sandwich creations!!!

After all was consumed - And when i say all I mean ALL!!! They ate every last waffle lol! we engaged in some games - some played BBall and those less coordinated played a game of Pit.

If you haven't played Pit you really need to try it, but make sure you are in an environment that can deal with some loud screaming because it can get very loud! Pit is a card game all about trading cards to make a full set, but you have to yell out the number of cards you want to trade, all at once until someone finally gets a full set.

Its fun harmless (kind of) very loud fun :)

You should definitely give it a try!

Next week we will be at Christchurch North Methodist - Friday, 7:30pm :)

Till next week



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