Well, I was inspired by a colleague of mine to start a I have!!! I thought, well we have a website which is great for static information but I thought I'd try my hand at blogging. My purpose for starting this blog is to keep you (te reader) updated on what I do day to day, week to week etc in my role as Children and Youth Ministries coordinator.

So here is where I will post my thoughts, our minsitries goings on and so forth.

SO heres to blogging and heres hoping someone other than myself reads this!!! I like to think that if Jesus were here today that he too would be blogging, as well as snapping and of course that old timely thing they call 'talking' to people face to face rather than face to book!!!

Okie dokie! Here we go now :)

Take care, happy blog reading and Mā te Atua e manaaki (God Bless)


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