CSI Childrens Ministry Gathering

So last night saw the first CSI Childrens Ministry Gathering. The first of what I hope to be many gatherings of our childrens ministry workers from across our synod.

We were a small group but we still represented 6 of our synods parishes which I think is an AWESOME start. The purpose of the night was to CONNECT - RESOURCE - INSPIRE. We began the night with introductions, sign language styles, and then got to know each other a bit better and the ministries we are all involved in. We focused our resourcing on Advent/Christmas seeing as that is a fairly major event coming up in our churches!!!

We paired up and put our heads together to pull together any resources that we have tried and tested and love! We came away with a heap load of resources that I will be putting together and putting up on the site very soon!

One of Beckenham Methodist churches teachers, Leah Williams-Partington (aka my big sis) shared a bit about a different use for advent calendars, instead of just chocolates, or telling a story she has a different activity for the family to do each day leading up to Christmas as well as challenges for them to try to do for example, tell 2 people today what you love about them. The activities can be anything from retelling the Christmas story to having fish n chips on the beach! A great way to refocus the family during the busy over commercialized season!!!

We then prepared an ice cream sundae - as you do at 8:30pm! As we ate we were inspired by Melanie Koster of ChCh North parish, who shared a bit about her ministry and about her Awesome kidz blog (Hence my inspiration to start this blog!) In saying that go check her blog out here: awesomekidschch.blogspot.co.nz

Anyway overall it was a good night, lots of laughs and lots of inspiration and connexion.

Looking forward to our next gathering and also taking some of these resources around to other parishes who couldn't make it

Signing out for today...Mā te wa...till another time...


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