Journeys End Campsite at the foot of Mt. Grey, is 300 metres above sea level
at the east end of Smarts Road. From Rangiora, cross the bridge over the Ashley,
turn right at the curving Cones Road/Dixons Road T intersection onto Cones Road.
Follow the road left onto Carrs Road, then follow Carrs Road, which changes into
Loburn Terrace Road, which in turn changes into Smarts Road.
There is a river and swimming holes on site, and several walking tracks in and near
the campsite. There are many open spaces amongst trees and a wide variety of bird
life. Come and enjoy and relax in the peaceful atmosphere.
This year campers will need to bring their own tent or caravan for their sleeping
accommodation. However there are a few bedrooms in cabins available.
Due to the current building refurbishments, bedrooms in Amberley & Leigh Lodge are
not available for accommodation this Easter.
All our other building facilities including kitchens showers and toilets are available for
The Journeys End campsite is owned by the Methodist Church of NZ. It is
maintained & managed by a group of volunteers from the Central South Island
(C.S.I.) Methodist District.