Here are some websites that may come in handy when planning your children ministry programs or family services

THE METHOD: This is our national youth resource website. 

Resources for games, prayers and devotions, useful forms you may need in you ministry and more

Sermons4kids: This is a great site for kids talks in church and in sunday school. 

The text this week: This site is especially useful if you are planning a kids talk or family service around the lectionary. Lots of ideas for resources, music, kids stories etc

DLTK: If you are looking for crafty ideas for sunday school or messy church this is a great site to go to. 

Worshiping with children: Explains the bible readings in 'kids speak' and offers suggestions for stories or activities to go with theme

Dollar store kids sermons: 

Good source for children's talk and prayer

Storypath: Links lectionary readings to secular picture books