Here are a few resources that I have tried out myself and can reccomend
All-sorts Worship

Beckenham Methodist Church have used these books for their family services for the last few years and love them. It has interactive prayers - activities for the whole church to engage in and a simplified way of telling the message that works for both young and old. 

It has a lot in it and you may still want to adjust a few things to fit with your church, for example, beckenham kept their usual service structure and took the prayers - storytelling - exploring etc sections out and added it to suit them. 

A great resource for All-age worship

Faith Box

Faith Box is a 20 minute weekly family time in a box based on surprise as to what is in the box each time. It is designed to build strong family memories as well as a culture of sharing, learning, discussion and enquiry.  

Although faith box was originally created for families I decided to try it out as a resource for our sunday school. Our Girls brigade were also using it. 

The good thing with this resource is that it is made for young and old to work together. So we were able to take parts of each session to work with our age group. 

Our children were around 4-7 year olds and some of the things in the sessions were a bit beyond them so we did have to modify it sometimes but each session had plenty in it to work with. 

I am keen to also try it out with our Youth group to see if it may suit their age aswell.