Order of Service Example
Welcome:  Welcome everyone to the service this morning, have a brief explanation of the all-age worship service and that things may be done a little differently                                                                                        

God Moments: A chance to talk with your neighbor about a time recently when you saw or experienced God working in your life.                                  

Song: A good opening song that everyone knows well

Intro into theme: Introduce your theme for this morning                                                                     

Story time: A story, skit, video clip, poem a testimony - something to help introduce your theme

Song: This is a good space for a kids song 

(Invite people to do the craft that is set up at the side or front of the church) 

Bible readings: You can be creative or just read them out as is. I've found a good version for all ages to understand is the 'Easy-to-read version of the bible - If you go to biblegateway.com enter the bible reading and select the 'Easy-to-read version (ERV)' then you can get a version of your reading that is a little easier all ages to understand.     

Offering: Use some of your older children and parents to assist in collecting the offering. This is a good time to do something different with the background music. You can use a reflective music video or have someone share their music whether it's instrumental or vocal.                             

Explore the theme: Keep it short, simple and to the point. What is the message you want people to go away with, back it up with relevant expamples to the people present and to the bible reading. Be open to using props or people or anything! The sky's the limit!!!                                                     

Prayer: Find time for prayer somewhere in your service. Here are some interactive prayer ideas you may want to try.    Song: A strong song to close - depending on the feel of the service whether you finish on an upbeat song r a more reflective song.

Conclusion/Benediction: Find some words to close the service - reiterate the theme/message then close with a benediction

This is only one example of an Order of Service. Play around a bit until you find what fits with your Church family. You can also do stations - I personally don't do stations much in all age worship as we have a growing number of elderly who find it harder to move. I find it is great however for messy church or even youth services.