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Game of the week: Actionary


This youth group game is a cross between pictionary, sculptionary and charades.

Firstly come up with a list of pictionary style words to use. Try to use words that might be easy enough to draw/scuplt/act. Divide the group into 4 teams and give each team a tray of play-doh, some paper and some pens.

The leader who is running the game stands in the centre of the room, situated in between all of the groups. Then each team sends a volunteer up to the leader and they then get each player to roll the giant dice in turn.

Either make your own dice with "act", "draw" and "sculpt" or just use a normal dice and designate two numbers to each type.

Ie. 1, 2 = Charades
3,4 = Pictionary
5,6 = Sculptionary

Then give all the players the first word from the list. The players will then go back to their group and act, draw or sculpt out the word, depending on what number they rolled. Once someone in their group guesses the word correctly, they go up and roll the dice again and receive the next word. The first team to get through the complete list of words wins!

Materials Needed

Giant Dice, paper, pens, play-doh

Prayer Week 5-8: Prayerball of thanksgiving


This one is a favourite for our kids! And actually we have also used it within our church service! The adults loved bouncing it around to each other! 

It's very simple you can grab an inflatable beach ball, simply throw it to someone in your circle, if you catch it you just have to say one thing that you want to thank God for this week. 

For older kids you can purchase prayer balls online and they have prayer starters on them or simply make your own. When someone catches the ball get them to read out whats closest to their right thumb. 

This is a fun and engaging way to get the kids to pray out loud.

Song of the week: DEEP DEEP DEEP (Sunday School)

This is a fun song for the kids to learn with actions


Guitar chords


This is a good song in preparation for Easter


Guitar chords