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Week 3 Game: Blow wind BLOW


For this game you'll need to set up your chairs in a circle facing inwards. Make sure there is one less chair than there are players.

Select one player to start off in the middle. They must begin by calling out "Blow wind blow". The rest of the group must respond "blow what?" Then the middle player can say some kind of conditional statement like "everyone with red hair" or "everyone not wearing shoes". All the players that fit into that category must get up and switch chairs with another player. This allows a chance for the middle player to steal a chair also. Once everyone has finished switching as quickly as possible, there will be one player left stuck in the middle. Then the process repeats!

If playing with a larger group it can become difficult for everyone to hear what the person in the middle is saying, so it might be wise to have a cordless microphone or a megaphone to use. Alternatively you could have someone else with a microphone outside of the circle calling the shots out.

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Prayer Week 1-4: Envelope TSP prayers


Some children/young people, start out by being rather shy about praying out loud. In this case, pin-up three envelopes labeled, Thank you Sorry and Please. Let group members write their prayers on slips of paper each week and place it in the appropriate envelope.

Thank you = Write something you want to thank God for

Sorry = Write something you want to say sorry to God for

Please = Asking God for what you need 

You may want to ask the group if they are alright with you reading out the envelopes each week, or you may choose to just read out the thank you prayers and pray over the other two envelopes. It all depends on your group. 

In case there are any young people who don't want their prayers shared with anyone, make sure to ask before reading them out. If you don't read them out you can simply pray over them and just keep adding to them each week and maybe burn them (safely) at the end of the four weeks.

I chose to continue this one for four weeks so that the group get used to praying in this way and they also get the chance to share or not share.


*For younger children who may not be able to write you can just say these prayers out loud. I do this with my children in the mornings and they love it.

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Week 3 Song: SUPER STRONG GOD (Sunday School)


Below is a pretty cool video, because it shows the guitar chords and the lyrics! Maybe get your young musicians to play along as you play the video.


Guitar chords