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Advent GPS: Week 1



GAME: Advent Bingo - we all know the game bingo, it's fun, simple and they can learn some new words to which can help bring up some new conversations. Click on the image to take you to the website and the download page

PRAYER:  Popsicle stick prayers - This prayer is an awesome way to get all the kids praying in their own way. All you need are some popsicle sticks and a vivid. Now write different groups of people that the kids can pray for, here are a few suggestions:

  • Whānau/Family

  • Teachers

  • Parents

  • Children

  • Teenagers

  • Ministers

  • Animals

  • Homeless

  • Sick people etc

You can adjust it to suit your group. When it is time to pray, simply get each child to pull a stick out of the cup and then you can go around the circle and ask each child to say a quick prayer for whoever is written on their stick. 

This works for all ages, we've used pictures with our creche kids and have even used it in our family services. If you wanted to you can just do this prayer for each week, especially if you have younger children, or you can choose to try one of the other suggested prayers coming up. 

SONG:  I chose two songs this week one is more suited for sunday school and the other for youth groups.

Sunday School Song: Give me joy in my heart. 

This is an old song but such a good one for teaching about Love , Joy and Peace over Christmas time. This can be used within the service our out in sunday school, and again you may want to repeat this song each week especially for younger ones so that they learn it and the words stick. 


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Youth Group Song: I will wait by Mumford and sons. This song is a great song about waiting for Jesus. You could either play this in church if you have a band or play the lyric video below.

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