Here are a few ideas for themes
  1. BIBLE APPRECIATION: The focus of this service of simply about appreciating and enjoying the bible. Sharing stories of your favourite bible verse and why, Bible quiz, getting the kids to find a memory verse and memorise before the end of the service etc. 
  2. BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS: This theme came to my attention from the Chapel street centre Childrens ministry worker. So I looked it up and found out it is actually a thing!!! And an awesome thing at that! This service is best done the sunday before the children go back to school. Send invitations out to all your families asking the kids to bring their backpacks to church for this sunday. You can have discussions around peoples memories of their first day of school and what that was like? This worked really well and was awesome hearing from our 95 year old member, the kids loved it! The message could be around trusting that God is with you always. 
    For the blessing we got each child up individually and our minister prayed a wee blessing over them and then we put a wee cross keyring on their bag - some other churches give the kids a wee stationary pack or some other item as a gift. Another thing we chose to do was invite any adults going into study that year and we also used that time to bring all those involved in childrens ministry, teaching etc to come forward and we blessed their work too. There are lots of websites with ideas for this theme too.
  3. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: A service looking at appreciating what you have. People can make Blessings jars.
    A kids story you can use is Hill and hole, Bible readings: Exodus 20:17, Ephesians 5:20, Blessing tree prayer. 
  4. FOCUS: Whats in your focus or what is blocking your focus? Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6, Mark 12:30 - Discussions around what could be getting in your way from focusing on God; Phones, social media, friends, work school. We did an interview with the kids in our parish Click here to view this video. 
  5. GIVING THANKS SERVICE: This one we incorporated in with our Harvest festival service, but can be used at any time of the year. Our focal point at the front of the church was a single chair surrounded by all the produce that had been donated by the parish members (Later to be donated to the local community cottage). We used this video - The thanksgiving chair - to introduce our theme. We wrote or drew our prayers of thanks giving on post it notes and placed them on the chair as we played Thank you by the katinas quietly in the background. A lot of this service was taken from the book - All sorts worship - we concluded the service holding hands and sharing the following blessing: 
    Let thanksgiving enhance the joys we experience,
    let thanksgiving transcend the pains we may suffer,
    let thanksgiving sweeten the duties we must perform,
    let thanksgiving underpin even the grief's we may have to endure.
    The love of the Redeemer,the love of the Creator,
    the fellowship of the Counsellor,will be with us now and always.
  6. MOTHERS DAY SERVICE:  We've done lots of fun things for mothers day. Always make sure you have a wee something to give each of the female adults in the congregation as they come into church. We never just honor mothers but we honor mother figures aswell - being careful not to exclude people as they may not be able to conceive or choose to not have children but are still amazing mother figures in their own right. You can give little posies to put on them or this year one of our Sunday school teachers and her daughters made some beautiful paper flowers. 
    This year we decided to focus on Gods motherly qualities. We used the video - God is not a white man - to intro the theme, the video breaks down the stereotypes of how we and people around us see God. We held discussions on what motherly qualities God showed - BIBLE READING Isaiah 66:7-13 - The message came via video and was one of Rob bells nooma study videos titled - She. Mothers day services are also a good chance to here a few testimonies from different mothers in your congregation. A good way for your younger mothers to learn from older ones.
  7. OLYMPICS THEMED SERVICE:  This one is always a fun one for all. We looked at what the olympic rings symbolise. The bible verse we used was: Hebrews 12:1 - the service was looking at what we may need to get rid of in our lives to enable us to run the race better. We also did some olympic events and finished with a hurdles race with heavy back packs and then with no back packs to introduce the theme.