Useful websites for songs
Here are some sites that have some more songs for Christmas:
DLTK - Growing together
Ministry to Children
The Shepherd Shake (Tune: Hokey Tokey)
A fun song for a Children's/Family Service - You can divide the congregation down the middle and have shepherds on one side and angels on the other)
It was dark that night
Then a light shone bright
Some angels started singing
and it gave us quite a fright
It was all so weird
We were really scared
So we did the shepherd shake
Oh the shepherd shake
Oh the shepherd shake
Oh the shepherd shake
We did the shepherd shake
Good news we bring 
About a baby king
Who was born tonight in Bethlehem
And that is why we sing
Let our song sing out
Let the whole world shout
And do not be afraid
Glory hallelujah
Glory hallelujah
Glory hallelujah
Do not be afraid
Words by Pat White
Wise men rock (Tune: Jingle bell rock)
Following, following after the star
Where will it take us and will it be far?
We're going to look for a new baby King
That is why we are following
Following, following onward we go
Will it go fast or will it go slow?
Where is it leading us?
We do not know
We just follow the star!
This is God's time
Its the right time
The sign is in the sky
And we feel it
Can't conceal it
We are in for a big surprise
Following, following after the star
travelling all night through
Searching for Jesus, the new baby King
As we follow the star! 
Words by Pat White
These next two songs are mainstream songs but kids love them at our music group. 
The Christmas Gift Song 
If you wanted to you could use gifts that represent the Christmas story
Written by Siu Williams-Lemi
A Colourful kiwi Christmas
I wrote this song because I felt like there weren't enough Kiwi Christmas songs out there for our kids to relate to. So this song you can use with rainbow wands made from ribbons and half an ice cream lid. The kids pull the colours through as they sing about that colour. 
Written by Siu Williams-Lemi