Synod Reports...


What is Synod?
Synod is what we call the geographical and cultural groups in the Methodist church. The Methodist church is made up of two parts, Te taha Maori and Tauiwi (Non-Maori). Tauiwi again is made up of two parts, geographical synods and cultural synods. There are 8 geographical synods: 

- Northland

- Auckland

- Manukau

- Waikato/Waiariki

- Lower North Island

- Nelson/Malborough/West Coast

- Central South Island

- Otago Southland

The cultural synods are:

- Vahefonua Tonga

- Sinoti Samoa

- Wasewase ko viti kei rotuma e Niusiladi


Part of my job is to report back to the central south island synod meetings twice a year. My reports always include a video presentation to show the leaders in our church what our young people have been doing.

Here are some of those videos, ENJOY :)


March Synod 2014 



March Synod 2013 



July Synod 2014 



August Synod 2016